Can we make a custom item based off a picture or sketch?

Currently we are making custom engagement rings. We use CAD Computer-Aided Design) technology. The process is as follows: 1) You provide us anything you can regarding the item you want us to make. This can be done by sending us a picture or a sketch. The more information provided in this step helps us so […]

Are your diamond weights exact?

Under FTC regulations, all jewelry manufacturers must disclose their total weight ranges. complies with all relevant FTC regulations. 1/10ct means » .09ct to .12ct 1/8ct means » .11ct to .14ct 1/6ct means » .14ct to .17ct 1/5ct means » .17ct to .22ct 1/4ct means » .22ct to .27ct 1/3ct means » .28ct to .35ct […]